What’s on the Menu?

Most of the dishes are inspired by Nonna’s Neapolitan menu and unique technique fused with the clever touches of Matarese. For instance, lamb meatballs are prepared in a flavorful ragu with feta and broccoli rabe, served with a little casserole dish with pizza dough toppings. When this meal is presented at your table, you are enveloped in the savory aroma and the puff of steam of the pierced dough. To fully enjoy the sensory experience, tear off the bread using your hands and dip it in the dish. No words can fully express how wonderful this combination tastes.
The meatballs are prepared in an $18000 copper pizza oven designed in Naples. Other dishes prepared in the impressive oven include Calabrian chile aioli, garlic breadcrumbs, tender roasted cauliflower with nduja sausage, and cauliflower Diavola.

Interestingly, pizza is not something you will find in Mille Lire’s lunch offerings. However, one can be prepared upon request. Matarese can prepare a generous oblong pie with truffles, prosciutto, burrata, and good mozzarella. Margherita is available during lunch for $10.

Mille Lire does not disappoint when it comes to antipasti. One of the most popular antipasti at the restaurant is the octopus salad which goes for $12 and features red onions, Castelvetrano olives, celery, and potatoes. The burrata also goes for $12 and features basil, avocado, and vine tomatoes. If you are craving a parma vibe go ahead and try the $14 asparagus and prosciutto di parma, featuring Parmesan Fonduta and a five-minute egg. Lamb meatballs are available for $10 and feature an amazing combination of pecorino and spinach. The Fritto Misto is equally exciting. This selection goes for $16 and features zucchini, shrimp, and golden crispy calamari. The roasted beet salad goes for $11 and features toasted pistachios, orange, and goat cheese. Organic mixed greens are available for $8, and feature lemon vinaigrette, radish, baby carrots, and a herb and lettuce salad. Roasted cauliflower goes for $11 and features a delightful blend of bread crumbs, pecorino, pine nuts, and golden raisins.

Every day, Mille Lire offers a wide range of house-made pasta that are simple and extremely delicious Among the pasta is the Roman classic which features a bowl of ridged tubes with Calabrian chile, pecorino romano, white wine, pancetta, and roasted cherry tomato. The Roman classic is made to perfection, with simple ingredients combined to form a layered and powerful flavor.

The spaghetti con Gamberi features 4 wild gulf shrimp riding shotgun, delicious noodles in tomato sauce boosted with nduja. Other pastas worth a mention include cacio e pepe and gnocchetti sardi. Cacio e Pepe goes for $14 and features curled pasta tubes that grab onto the glaze of pepper and pecorino. The Gnocchetti Sardi is a Sardinian saffron pasta with roasted fennel and sweet Italian sausage. Rather than being precise with the antipasti and pasta, Mille Lire offers a fussy streak in the desserts and main courses.

One of the old-school dishes offered at Mille Lire is the Saltimbocca which literally means jump in the mouth is served with a runny poached egg and a heavy brown sauce rather than the classic deglaze with pancetta and sage. The pristine grilled branzino is served under a salad of pickled carrots and Frisee, with the head propped up beautifully on a lemon wedge.